Value-added Services: Course Workshops & Online Journal Clubs

(Lectures/Demonstration/Hands-on training)



In addition to innovative products and cutting-edge technologies, GeneHope offers a comprehensive range of customer services and training to physicians, enabling them to perform their art at the highest level. GeneHope is currently establishing a new global training standard in the practice of aesthetic medicine to ensure the best patient outcome.
GeneHope also hosts the Taiwan International Academy of Anti-aging Educator’s Training, an exclusive event and global networking platform for leading professionals across all aesthetics disciplines. Our dedicated Clinical Specialists team is made up of highly skilled clinical experts who provide practical training to physicians where it matters most: in their own daily practice.
GeneHope Value-added Services: Course Workshops
& Online Journal Clubs - Update your skills & technics / Simplified access to accredited experts from related specialties / Personalized sessions in extremely restricted group of attendees  / Cutting edge technics 1 click away /

" The most important thing in GeneHope is not to win, but to take part. "